Safe Sex Toy Storage

Best Practices for Storing Your Sex Toys

Over the years, your collection of intimate toys has grown, and you store them in a dedicated place. Putting all your sex toys in one place might just be a bad idea, and we explain why.

In film culture, the sex toy drawer is a relatively common scene. Whether it’s a woman whose bedside table hides her intimate toys or another with a dresser drawer full of them, hiding her sex toys in the same place seems familiar. However, this is not the best idea…

Where to store your sex toys, and how to maintain them?

To prevent your sex toys from meeting a tragic end in germs, mold, and dust, you prefer to store them in a dry place at a temperature that is not too high. Like any other ordinary object, intimate toys are sensitive to humidity and must be preserved, including those said to be water-resistant. It’s a question of hygiene and protecting your devices, sometimes costing a pretty penny.

Moreover, clean your toy with an antibacterial product suitable for intimate use to avoid any disappointment in this area. This should preferably be rinsed off to limit the risk of infection or irritation of your mucosa. After rinsing, dry your sex toy with a clean towel in a lint-free fabric to avoid possible deposits. Of course, repeat the operation after each use to limit the risk of bacteria proliferation or the appearance of mold on your toy.
Note that not all sex toys are waterproof and that it is necessary to check their waterproofness before cleaning them. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging them!

Why shouldn’t you store all your sex toys in the same place?

To prevent a third party from discovering your treasure? No. No, not really. The real reason why you shouldn’t store different sex toys in the same place is a little more scientific and, therefore, perfectly logical upon reflection. In short, all it takes is an improperly cleaned vibrator or clitoral stimulator to contaminate your entire collection in the end. But above all, the different materials that make up sex toys can also create chemical reactions between them, causing them to melt, bubble, or even catch fire. This is a tragedy to be avoided at all costs.

To protect yourself from such misfortune, place each sex toy in an individual closed box, thus avoiding dust and the spread of bacteria between your toys. And if you don’t want to place them in boxes, take care to arrange your toys in different places, away from each other (and prying eyes).

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