Revolutionize Your Pleasure with Gravity

Looking for a powerful vibrator that can make you cum without using your hands? Difficult to find a model capable of being both portable, vibrating, automatic, and remotely controllable.

But have you ever heard of Gravity from Lovense? This brand model has automatic reciprocating and vibrating, able to be placed wherever you want and controlled remotely.

What is Lovense Gravity?

Lovense: the sex toys company

Since 2009, the Lovense company has overgrown to become a pioneer in next-generation sex toys.

Based in Hong Kong, the company has been able to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to more innovative objects that respond to real problems, the results of several years of research.

Today creator of 20 different sex toys, the company offers products for women, as for men, such as vibrators, anal plugs or masturbators.

But, in addition to the innovative design and the quality of the products, it is above all, thanks to technology, that Lovense has been able to revolutionize this field. Indeed, their Lovense Remote app allows you to connect and use devices remotely.

Gravity by Lovense: the vibrating dildo with automatic back and forth

Launched in November 2022, Gravity is part of the latest generation of sex toys from Lovense. Like the whole range, it is compatible with the Lovense Remote application to be controlled remotely.

It is an automatic piston vibrator that, unlike others, can be placed on any smooth surface, thanks to its robust suction cup.

What are the technical characteristics of Gravity?

“A hands-free device to enjoy and fulfill your fantasies.”

Gravity has a suction cup that can be installed or removed. Powerful, it attaches to all smooth surfaces. Walls, floors, furniture… .give free rein to your imagination to fulfil all your fantasies.

Once installed, Gravity provides intense back-and-forth penetrating movements leaving your hands free from other things.

Automatic, Lovense Gravity becomes the third person in your threesome fantasies, so your hands can fully enjoy your partner.

The vibrating dildo with easy refill

Gravity is efficient thanks to its wireless use and remote control. The vibrations and the intensity of back and forth are adjustable with the application according to an infinity of models to satisfy your needs and bring you the most sensitivity.

USB recharges the battery and can be used continuously for 3.5 to 4 hours.

The new toy for powerful orgasms

Thanks to its latest generation vibration motor, Gravity can perform powerful back-and-forth movements of 3 cm, up to 140 penetrations per minute. This vibrator is 3.7 cm in diameter and 23.4 cm long, of which 13 cm can be inserted.

If you add the 7.6 cm diameter suction cup, you will get a total length of 25.9 cm. Produced in silicone, it has a silky feel and a design to stimulate your G-spot intensely.

Specially designed for full use, these vibrations and back and forth will offer intense orgasms.

Your new connected partner

Gravity can be used with the company’s application remotely: Lovense Remote. It allows you to customize the functions of your Gravity by controlling the penetration power and the intensity of the vibrations.

In addition, the application offers you to synchronize your Gravity to music or activate vibrations using sound. Finally, the application allows you to use the dildo remotely, but you can also give control to your partner, no matter how far away he is.

How does Lovense Gravity work?

The order process

The device can be ordered on the Lovense website. Once the purchase is confirmed, your Gravity will be delivered in discreet and secure packaging.

Shipping is from a European warehouse; you should receive it between 3 and 6 days. Gravity’s package contains a Bluetooth vibrator, a suction cup, a USB cable to recharge it, a user manual and a storage bag.

What you need to do before using your Gravity

Clean and dry it before use. You will need to charge it once before you can use it fully. It is also recommended to charge the battery every six months fully.

To use, apply a lubricant to the toy to insert it easily. You can use the suction cup or remove it according to your desires.

Use the app to control your Gravity.

The Lovense Remote application is free to download from the App Store or the Google Play Store, and then you just need to create your account. Firmly press the ON/OFF button on the Gravity case for 3 to 5 seconds.

You will feel it vibrate for a second when it turns on. Pair the sex toy on the app in the “My toys” section.

You can then program Gravity with the “Program” button, adjust the levels, and finally use “Create a new model” to save up to 10 predefined models. Select a program to start taking full advantage of your Gravity.


Can I use Gravity underwater?

The Gravity is fully waterproof. Being IPX6 certified, it can withstand high-pressure splashes. So you can hang it on your shower or bathtub wall for safe use.

How to clean your Gravity?

The Gravity can be rinsed with water thanks to its water resistance. You can always use a cleaner specific to sex toys or a neutral soap for complete cleaning.

However, be careful not to immerse the lower part of the sex toy. Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly and protect it from dust with the included storage bag.

Are the Gravity materials safe for health?

Health security is a priority for Lovense. All their devices are tested and certified as safe for health, including the Gravity. Made from pure silicone and stainless steel, it contains no phthalates or harmful chemicals.

Can I use Gravity anally?

It is not recommended to use it in this way. If you want a device from Lovense for anal use, the brand has other toys specifically designed for this type.

The Advantages of Gravity

With several meticulous years of research, the technical characteristics of Gravity offer you several positive points:

  • Have your hands free: this allows you to do other things with both hands and let the device do its job. You can take advantage of your partner or play with other parts of your body, such as your clitoris or your chest.
  • The optimal design: the flexibility and softness of the silicone are charming to the touch. The raised ridges have been specifically designed to stimulate your G-spot.
  • Total control: having many options for vibration, thrust force, and piston speed is a real asset providing an excellent consumer experience. The beat is powerful and allows you to orgasm without stimulating your clitoris. The power back and forth is delightful if you like thrills.
  • Long-distance use: like all Lovense toys that can be used over long distances, this is a considerable advantage when your partner is far from you. So you can continue to nurture your sex life, no matter how far apart you are.

The negative aspects of Gravity

Although new on the market, Gravity customers have already been able to point out some negative points related to the device and the application:

  • Size and power: The dimensions of the Gravity are in the average of vibrators, but the power of the vibrations and the speed of the piston can be a little too intense if you lack experience with this type of product. You may need to start with a smaller, more classic model to get used to it.
  • The application lacks spontaneity: remote access is possible thanks to sharing an access link. However, a new link must be generated and re-shared each time it is used. A permanent link would be something that Lovense could set up to be able to install spontaneity. Your partner could then take control and surprise you by seeing that you are using your Gravity.
  • Difficulties understanding the application: if you are not comfortable with technology, it will take you some time to understand all the functions of the application and master remote control.

My opinion on the Lovense Gravity

The Lovense Gravity is a good model of vibrator if you want to discover the pleasures of automatic back and forth. Freeing your hands lets you unleash your sexual fantasies, and the control options are endless.

Its remote control features make it an excellent option to spice up your long-distance relationship. If you want to know more about Gravity, do not hesitate to visit the Lovense website.

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