Connect, Control, and Elevate Pleasure with LOVENSE Toy Enthusiasts

Tophy is a revolutionary social app designed for individuals seeking mutual control of LOVENSE toys. With Tophy, you can go beyond chatting and find your ideal partner to explore new levels of pleasure together. Discover like-minded people from around the world and easily connect with those who share your desires.

Explore Mutual Control

Tophy offers a unique platform for connecting with individuals who are also interested in controlling each other’s LOVENSE toys. Experience the thrill of remote pleasure as you connect with partners who understand and embrace the power of mutual control. Take your intimate experiences to new heights through shared pleasure.

Break Barriers, Build Relationships

With Tophy, there are no barriers to building meaningful connections. Turn strangers into friends or explore the potential for romantic partnerships without limitations. Connect with people based on your preferences and desires, all at your fingertips. Discover individuals from your neighborhood or connect with users from around the globe.

Discover Like-Minded Individuals

Tophy brings together a diverse community of users who share a passion for exploring pleasure with LOVENSE toys. Whether you’re looking for casual connections or deeper relationships, you’ll find a wide range of individuals who are eager to connect and engage in mutually satisfying experiences. Connect with people who understand and appreciate your desires.


Tophy is the ultimate social app for individuals seeking connections and mutual control of LOVENSE toys. With its global user base and intuitive interface, you can easily find and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion. Take your pleasure to new heights and explore meaningful relationships with Tophy. Join the community and discover the world of shared pleasure at your fingertips.

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