Lush 3: the ultra-connected vibrating egg (2023) “review”

Lush 3: Unleashing Pleasure with Connectivity

Discover my opinion on Lovense Lush 3, the ultra-connected vibrating egg that can be remote-controlled directly via the Internet without a distance limit.

What is Lovense Lush 3

Lovense’s third Lush release is a vibrant pink egg with a stiff, curved C-shaped tail.

This shape allows it to easily penetrate the vulva, which enables you to feel the vibrations better.

It is a vibrator exclusively intended for female pleasure; with its very soft silicone material, it gives the feeling of being very high quality.

You can find a fairly comprehensive page on how it works on the official Lush 3 website, but here’s the main thing:

  • Dimensions and technical characteristics of the Lush 3

The Lush 3 is a rather large vibrating egg with 7.55 centimeters in height, 9.6 centimeters in width, and an insertable head of 3.7 centimeters in diameter.

It is fully waterproof (IPX7 standard). The Lush 3 can be turned on manually and remotely via the Lovense app.

  • Lush 3 remote control

Lush3 can be controlled remotely with an app, which is the product’s main feature, in my opinion.

  • Compatibility

The Lush 3 is compatible with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch iOS 9.0, and later versions) but also with Android.

Why I liked Lovense Lush 3 

  • Control the Lush 3 Remotely

This vibrator is based on the latest technologies; it works with Bluetooth 4.0 and can be used remotely over a long range (3 to 10 meters).

But that’s not all; the egg can also be controlled via the Internet to let its partner take control, no matter where it is, and that’s really innovative and super cool!

  • The perfect vibrator for couples

Compared to other sex toys that are self-centered, the Lush 3 allows you to approach the notion of couple play by introducing this accessory.

Indeed, the partner can play with the application to “give” this toy various sensations. We will go into more detail when we talk about the functionality of the Lovense Remote application.

  • Very low noise level and long battery life

Its maximum sound level is 43 decibels. It has a range of 4h30 to 5h00 for a charging time of 1h25 thanks to its magnetic charging port, which makes it easier to charge.

My experience with the lush 3

  • A discreet package

The package I received is very discreet; the delivery package is neutral and shows no sign of the content or brand.

  • Elegant packaging

When unpacking, I discovered a relatively simple and elegant packaging; the egg is supplied with a convenient velvet cover for storing afterward. There is also the charger, two instructions, and an installation guide.

  • A large size

As I mentioned above, the size of the Lush 3 is more significant than a lambda vibrating egg, and the insertion of its head can be unique. I think you should not hesitate to use lubricant based on water.

  • Comfort

Once in place, I was surprised at how it hugs the body; you almost forget it’s there as long as it doesn’t vibrate. Comfort is, therefore, a positive point of this sex toy.

Intense and discreet vibrations

Now on to the start, the vibrations are intense but highly discreet. I think no one can hear it if used in public. Therefore, the rod that connects the body of the egg goes up on the clitoris; it is not vibrating, but you can slightly feel the vibrations and, consequently, stimulation of the clitoris.

  • Intuitive use

The use is, therefore, relatively intuitive, with a shape designed to stimulate the internal and external parts of the clitoris; it has everything to give incredible orgasms.

  • Many features in the Lovense Remote app

The highlight of this toy, I think, is the connectivity it offers us thanks to the Lovense Remote application, which allows the partner to control the toy remotely, but not only. I will show you some of them.

  • The Lush 3 remote control

This is the basis of the application that allows you to control the vibrations of the Lush 3 via a diagram. There is a classic function but also a loop system.

  • Music synchronization

This feature allows you to synchronize the vibrations of the Lush 3 with music recorded on the mobile or via the Spotify application. I find it rather funny but not necessarily exciting.

  • The control screen Tap Drag

You can draw a pattern on the screen that will result in a way that repeats itself in a loop until you want to change the intensity. We also have access to a bank of vibration models to control the Lush 3.

  • Vibration on ambient noises

It isn’t evident, and the vibrations lock onto the sound of a voice or the environment. There is a slightly uncontrollable side that may not please everyone. However, it is an interesting function if you want to play in public places.

Conclusion: my opinion on the lush 3

To conclude, I think the Lush 3 is complete thanks to its wide variety of activities, and it is an ideal sex toy for couples who want to play and explore together.

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