As a portable vibrator with all controls supported over the Internet, VIVI is the most technologically advanced sex toy ever created for cybersex (virtual sex).

Vivi is now replaced by our 3rd generation products called Nora from Lovense. Visit for details!

Main Features

* Internet Mode: Control the toy through the Internet with no distance limitation. This works for couples live in 2 different cities.
* Remote Mode: Control the toy without the Internet when you are nearby. This enables you to play outside in restaurant, theater or any other public places.
* Music Mode: Pulsate the toy by your music. Controling through music spectrum (vibrating patterns based your currently played mp3 music). You can rock to the vibes of your favorite music.
* Nine predefined patterns.
* Manual control by changing speed and patterns.

Length: 80MM, Dia-Max:35MM,Dia-Min:32MM

System Requirement
For Her
- Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista & Windows 7
- USB port
- Memory: 128M
- Disk Spack: 100M
For Him
- Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista & Windows 7
- Memory: 128M
- Disk Spack: 100M


VIVI - The RemotePleasure Internet Enabled Vibrator has all the features of the classic model, with the addition of remote Internet controls that work with Skype, a free call software over internet. What this means is that two consenting adults may have total interaction through visual, sound and now the stimulation and touch provided by an adult toy. The speed and intensity of the vibrator will be totally controlled by the remote operator while both participants are in full verbal and visual contact. VIVI has three distinct settings that allow its user a variety of different experiences.

The most revolutionary feature of the VIVI is its ability to connect with other users online. Through this feature you control the intensity of your partner's stimulation through each other's computer. This will provides a place where couples in long-distance relationships or those with demanding travel schedules may maximize their intimacy. It's also a resource for those wishing to interact with others interested in the safest sex possible.

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